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Venture with Impact Medellín, Colombia 🇨🇴


Private rooms
Coworking included
Flights not included
Private rooms
SIM card
$525 / week* or
$2,100 / month
Minimum stay
4 weeks


Experience a digital nomad paradise nestled in a valley amid the Andes. Medellín’s famed cafes, tree-lined barrios, pulsing nightlife and friendly locals earn it a reputation for being one of the most vibrant cities in Latin America.

What is it actually like to live in Medellin Colombia? Where can one month take you? From a Spanish crash-course for the whole group on arrival, to basic salsa lesson at famed local salsa club, to tours of downtown and the famous graffiti of Comuna 13, living in Colombia is nothing less than inspiring! The group will also take a day trip to Guatape, a colorful and traditional Colombian town. Skills-based volunteering is also the best way to get off the beaten path and to experience the city on a deeper level.

Partner Placement
We will match you with a personalized skills-based volunteer opportunity. We match our Venturers with a project based on the needs of our organizations as well as the skills and interests of each participant.

Global Community
You will live, work and travel with a group of diverse remote professionals. Each week, in a group dinner participants have a chance to try a new local flavor, and get to know other participants in the program. We’ll discuss our experiences from the week and invite guests from the community to join us.

Cultural Immersion
VWI is your cultural insider. We’ll help you dig deeper into the local culture by providing you access to the best local events and by offering trips and activities for the whole group. You will also have the opportunity to learn Portuguese through immersion or through lessons arranged by VWI with a tutor.

Accommodation + Workspace
We make working abroad easy, You will live in 2-3 bedroom apartments with private rooms. You have access to a workspace with high-speed internet. All of our apartments also have high-speed internet, backup internet, and dedicated workspace suited to working from home.



Ann Davis

Ann Davis

3 Reviews

Coworking space
Social life
Value for money

Venture with Impact reviews from other trips

I participated in the Venture With Impact November 2018 Lisbon, Portugal program

I participated in the Venture With Impact November 2018 Lisbon, Portugal program. Unfortunately my experience wasn't good and ended up being a waste of money. I really liked the concept of their program, but I learned the hard way that it's a gamble when you let a third party book your accommodations. Prior to arrival I was told I would be in a first floor apartment, but I was actually placed in a musty, moldy, ant infested basement apartment that wasn't suitable to live or work in.

When I asked the founder, Ann Davis, to place me in a different apartment because the mold in the apartment was making me sick, she said the situation was out of her control. Her only effort was to try to make the current apartment work by placing a dehumidifier and fan inside. Neither do anything to eliminate mold. She actually told me "We would have taken more care with thinking about this, if we knew about this allergy before." So the standard is to place participants in unlivable apartments unless you tell them about your allergies? I found that a bit unsettling as no one, with or without an allergy, should be surrounded by mold.

Because the living conditions were making me so sick, I had no choice but to leave the apartment after only a few days and find my own accommodations for the rest of the month. I wasn't compensated for the extra cost and any request for some type of refund was denied. The way the whole situation was handled was unprofessional and disappointing.

These days there are so many great ways for digital nomads to travel. Rather than considering Venture With Impact, I suggest looking into co-living/co-working places like Outsite or Roam. I stayed at the Lisbon Outside location and had a really good experience there. Those types of places offer great communities for travelers. Not only do you have access to a co-working space (which VWI didn't provide), but the cost is significantly less than VWI. If you like the volunteering aspect that VWI offers, then I suggest doing a little research beforehand to find out what kind of options are available in the city you're considering visiting.

December 15, 2018

VWI was an amazing experience

VWI was an amazing experience. I was able to work with inspiring non-profit organizations and immerse myself in their ongoing projects, and felt like I had many opportunities to connect with locals.
I also loved the VWI group - it was wonderful meeting motivated, interesting people from lots of different backgrounds who shared a common passion for serving others. I felt like I gained something valuable from each person I met in the program.
The coordinator also did a great job of setting up fun activities and excursions - there was always something going on, from happy hours to high-altitude hikes!
I highly recommend this experience to anyone who has the time and opportunity to participate.

July 26, 2017

The folks at VWI did everything in their power to help me with my personal goals

The folks at VWI did everything in their power to help me with my personal goals. My only downfall was not letting them know when I had concerns. ie: I had a concern about my volunteering which I stuck out for a couple of days before saying anything to my surprise, the issue was cleared up by the end of the workday, (if I wasn't so nervous about saying something).
When I got to Trujillo I was nervous and wondering what I got myself into, but I quickly made friends with the locals (who are VERY helpful and friendly) which helped to fill the any voids in my schedule. I have everything! Great food, volunteering, friends, day trips, gym time, space to work on my studies, adventure, I could go on...
I'm really happy to have been involved in this. I plan on doing it as long as I can work from my computer!

July 20, 2017
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