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Caravan: Tehran, Iran ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ท



Private & Shared rooms
Coworking unknown
Flights unknown
Attendance 10-10
Private & Shared rooms
Minimum stay
1 weeks


The Caravan experience is coming to Iran this Spring 2018! Join us for a 10 day all-inclusive unique journey of a lifetime as we caravan through the breathtaking Iran while engaging with each other in an immersive program. We will be curating a small group of purpose-driven global entrepreneurs & creatives to explore Iran and to connect to ourselves.

Weโ€™ve designed this caravan to highlight the unique place-specific elements of Iran that we believe are the most important for an authentic and meaningful experience. Each day, this exploration will emerge with us engaging in a specific theme that is central to life in Iran (most have no translation in english and can only learned by experiencing).
For example, youโ€™ll learn about the modern and traditional Iranian notions of:
community, public sphere, and local leadership by experiencing the themes of Pir Neshin, Karvansara, and Masjed. Youโ€™ll also actively learn about Iranโ€™s heritage of personal and societal intimacy by experiencing themes of Sofrey, Hayat-markazi, 5 Dari and Saqa Khooneh.



Asya Azar

Asya Azar

Asya Azar is a social entrepreneur driven to design experiences and products that expand personal, collective and global consciousness. Before founding Caravan, Asya created Reset in Bali, led Hive (a global leadership program) in San Francisco, managed a tech accelerator and filmed a mini-documentary in India, and helped organize a TEDx in Iran. Before, she was a photographer and traveled to more than 50 countries. Asya studied at UCLA where she founded and directed innergy the largest wellness & conscious living organization on campus.

Liza Gershman

Liza Gershman

Liza Gershman is an award-winning photographer and writer, and seasoned world-traveler. Passionate about food, people, and culture, Liza has had the opportunity to photograph and write in more than 43 countries and 46 U.S. States during her career. Liza teaches workshops, speaks, and writes articles on photography for Canon USA, and has photographed 12 cocktail and cookbooks for numerous publishers in the US, including Random House. She calls Cuba her second home and is thrilled to share its soul with you!


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