Long-time Software Engineer; currently working on a Silverlight conversion to React and trying on life as part-time digital nomad.


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Currently on my fourth trip with Hacker Paradise

Currently on my fourth trip with Hacker Paradise. The top four things that keep me coming back are:

1. Program organization - Facilitators Spencer and Dale are work relentlessly to make sure accommodations and co-working spaces meet the needs of the participants. If there are issues, for example with internet speeds or housing problems, they are on top of the problem right away, sometimes before we even notice it happening. They are responsive and understand the needs of digital nomads because they both been there.

2. Participants - Hacker Paradise does a great job of selecting people for their programs. Most everyone I've met during my trips have been dedicated, accepting, interesting, friendly, curious, and just generally good travelers. They work hard and yes, they party hard too but it's all great fun. I've made friends for life here. You can judge how great the group is and how addicting this lifestyle is by that fact that so many people either extend their stay or wish they could because the group is so hard to leave.

3. Diversity - Not only is there a diversity in gender but also in age and in career paths. Usually Hacker implies developer but in reality there are people from a number of different jobs here and the facilitators seem to put emphasis on choosing people from variety of backgrounds.

4. Lastly, Location - HP has gone to places this year that I've wanted to visit and the program allows me time to really get to know places with other people who are interested in seeing them too.

March 17, 2017