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This program IS NOT a co-working retreat

This program IS NOT a co-working retreat. It's a holidays retreat composed by people who want to party and have fun. In my group, less than 20% of the people had some sort of job, almost 50% were unemployed and the rest were in full-time holidays.
The workshops developed by the participants were mediocre at best. But the adventure activities had really good feedback.

If you will quit your job or you can get a month of holidays, I would definitely recommend this. You will have a lot of fun with like-minded people. But if you work remotely, you will definitely not make business connections, learn something or find any opportunity for collaboration. Very unlikely.

Unsettled is equivalent to summer holidays with random diverse strangers from all over the world. So definitely go if you want that. You may end up with a bunch of new friends (these friends are the only reason you are paying $2000 for). I suspect this is why this program gets great reviews.

Beside those $2000, expect spending around $1000 extra USD at least during the month.

December 3, 2017

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